[ su-rihya]

The Sun; God of Light.

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”


Ashima SURI curates multifaceted experiences that promote overall wellbeing in diverse communities. Our mission is to create safe inclusive spaces that engage and inspire all people to release and restore. Through active movement, breath work, story-telling and community dialogue, we co-collectively create and empower people to connect with their inner authentic selves while strengthening their individual voices. 

Our intention is to provide a loving space that fosters in self-care and ultimately, sparks joy. 

In addition to our experiences, we are proud to collaborate with community partners with similar visions in promoting wellness & wellbeing. Through our newsletter and SURI experience events, we highlight our partners and bring awareness to community and global issues. 


Meet Ashima Suri


“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” — Victor Hugo

It’s no secret that love and inner joy is the ultimate healer. It is part of our DNA and what each of us has in common. We were born with it. As babies, we would laugh for no reason and life was generally easy. No judgements. No resentments. Just pure bliss and happiness. 

As we got older, thoughts began to the cloud the mind. Our inner divine light would sometimes get locked out from our shadows. And suddenly, we became the adult that is questioning our own authentic selves. 

Here is the thing: I am that adult. I’ve struggled with those questions and doubts. Who am I and where do I belong?! Until I realized that I’m still very much me. I found a way to accept it all ..the shadows, the light.. all of it. 

But the acceptance didn’t come overnight. I had a strong intention to fill my life with the things that connected to my light. I allowed myself to be taken care of and loved. I gave up trying and invited in surrendering. I gave myself permission to just be me. 

Feeling great, in the beginning, can feel like lots of effort. Through my interactive SURI experiences,  I want to help ease you into total surrender and ease. I invite you to connect with your inner self through movement, breath work and community engagement. I invite you to indulge and feel joy. That IS the Ashima SURI Signature experience! It is the gift that will keep on giving inviting light to permeate through the pores. 

As a child, I was enamoured by the sun. To this day, my favourite thing to do is to watch the sunsets and sunrises. I find it calming and meditative. I am present and fully aware when witnessing the miracle the sun is. 

Suri means ‘the sun’ in Sanskrit. The sun always gave me hope. It was the light that carried me home to myself. And it is through these experiences, my strongest intention is to share that light with you. 

Come join me as we step into 2020. This is the experience you’ve been waiting for. No resolutions! Just experiences of setting powerful intentions that will pave the way to more beauty, love & joy as we move through a new year with ease and light.