How to care for yourself as the new year begins - 2020

I recently ran some polls on social media to see how people were feeling as 2020 kicked off. I received answers that ranged from being anxious to feeling excited. I asked if self-care was a priority or on the back burner during this season, and most said that it can be non-existent. Insert 
Stress levels can be at an all time high during this time of year. The pressures from family, or feeling ‘happy’ all the time or economic / social burdens, can weigh heavy on many.
Self-care of any kind can also feel like a lot. When we think of self-care, we tend to think on a larger scale. The 1 hour of yoga, a massage, a half-day retreat — all very good methods of feeling good but not always doable – right away. Short & sweet steps of giving yourself space to just breathe and unwind is a perfect goal in a busy time. Just 5 minutes of time for yourself, to relax & to restore can be the fuel you need to re-energize you. Each small step you take in allowing self-care in your life will lead you to the larger goals of taking class or going on a retreat.
As a busy mom myself, self-care is a definite priority. But even as a priority, taking care of my wellbeing can look very different each day. Sometimes I can take that class. And other times I just need a quick walk outside for some air. Or to drink that warm cup of tea to myself or a moment to just breathe and just be in solitude. Just removing the noise and distractions can be considered self-care.
So lovely – as we recalibrate our lives and move into the busy-ness that is the new year, find a little space for yourself to feel at peace and remember, you are important. 
A few self-care tips for the new year:

  • Take 10 conscious breathes
  • Write a love note to yourself
  • Turn of phones for the night
  • Read one inspiring page of your favourite book
  • Take a walk in nature
  • Lie in child’s pose or do legs up the wall
  • Drink your favourite warm beverage
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Let go of 2 things that may weigh heavy on you
  • Take a warm bath or shower and release
  • Book a post-holiday massage or class
  • Treat yourself often